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PV Tools: PVComm v1.50

PVComm provides an easy way to exchange files of any kind between PC and PV.

The PVComm Terminal programm is able to transfer binary files, OWBasic programs, text and similar files from PC to PV and vice versa. Text and text mode files are converted between the PV and the Windows character set implicitly.

Changes in v1.01:

  • First release. PV-S1600 and other transfer speeds than 38400 bps not supported yet. 

Changes in v1.20:

  • A rudimentary, C-based Plug-in system provided for the support of custom file types.

Changes in v1.21 (private build):

  • Multipart text files are saved correctly.

Changes in v1.40 (private build):

  • Drag&Drop is supported now.
  • The provisional GUI has been replaced by a fully functional and well-equipped interface.

Changes in v1.50:

  • The PV-S1600 is now supported. 
  • The user interface is now localizable. Localizations are provided for German and English.
  • General redesign of code base (Plug-in manager, Factories and Helper Interfaces). Plug-ins now utilize an object-oriented Plug-in system.

PVComm Terminal - file list

PVComm Terminal - About dialog

PVComm Client - establishing a connection


  • Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP / 2003 (tested on Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP)
  • CASIO PV-x50X / -Sx50 / -Sx60 / -Sx00Plus / -750(Plus), -S1600


pvcomm150setup.exe - PVComm Setup (Multilanguage) - PVComm Client for CASIO PV (Multilanguage) - source code of PVComm Terminal v1.50 (C++Builder 2006, Inno Setup 5)