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To input data interactivly one can use forms. Touching one control of a form returns a selector for this control to the calling program, which has to react on this.

A form can contain the folowing elements:

ElementType #Meaning
Button0Start an action
CheckBox1(de-)activate an option
RadioButton2select one of multiple options

There can be only one form at a time. Forms are defined by creating a form with FORMINIT and defining the controls with FORMENTRY. The display of the form is done by FORMDISPLAY.
Calling FORMTOUCH the form becomes active. Touches are registered and the setting of the controls are changed. FORMTOUCH returns a value for the selected control and it's status.
FORMSETSTATUS and FORMRESETSTATUS allow to change the status and the properties of a control. You can do this during definition as well as as reaction on a touch event ( FORMTOUCH).

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