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Drawing A Scroll Bar


This procedure draws a scroll bar with the properties specified in SCRBAR.
SCRBAR must be defined as described here:

CONST scrbar=(<position>,
<x>, <y>, <y2>,
<amount of entries>, <entries per site>,
0, 0)
<position> specifies the element at the top of the list.
<flags> specifies details for drawing:
0x0001Up button shaded
0x0002Down button shaded
0x0004the buttons are evaluated by SBTOUCH
0x0008the surrounding box is not drawn

The last two elements are required by GUI_SCR and GUI_QSCR! for internal use and must exist.

SBDRAW and SBTOUCH replace the OSL functions GUI_SCR and GUI_QSCR!() and are totally compatible with them.

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