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GUI (Component)

Library: StdGUI
Necessary constants: GUI_USED

The GUI component contains GUI (Graphical User Interface) elements.

Function groups:

bit valuefunctions
0x0001Buttons: GUI_BTN, GUI_QBTN!
0x0002X-Button: GUI_XBTN, GUI_QXBTN!
0x0004Checkboxes: GUI_CHK, GUI_QCHK!
0x0008Radiobuttons: GUI_RBTN
0x0020Edit Box (Integer): GUI_IIBOX, GUI_QIIBOX!
0x0040Edit Box (String): GUI_ISBOX, GUI_QISBOX!
0x0100Lists: GUI_LIST, GUI_QLIST
0x0800Dropdown Menus: GUI_DMENU, GUI_QDMENU!
0x1000Select dialogue: GUI_DLG
0x8000AutoTouch: GUI_INIT, GUI_TOUCH

Global variables:

variabledefault value
gui_font%0specifies the font which is used for drawing GUI element captions
gui_xxo%-14defines the x offset of the dialogue used in GUI_QXBTN!
gui_xyo%0defines the y offset of the dialogue used in GUI_QXBTN!
gui_list_fixed!falsespecifies whether GUI_LIST uses the given width (true) or readjusts it if necessary
gui_sel%specifies the selected element in a list or menu (used with AutoTouch)

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