OWBasic Standard Library

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Drawing the Program Title

GUI_HEAD [font%=3]

This procedure draws the program name and icon to the upper left of the screen. The procedure requires the following global variables:
- picon%; contains the program icon of the size 12*12
- pname$; contains the program name and further information
If you want to use a internal graphic as program icon, define picon[0] as 0 and picon[1] as the number of the internal graphic.

const picon=(12,12,-14823,10533,-14011,12105,-16335,1792,2568,2640,-22750,8,3920,-20702)
const pname$=("OWBasic Settings"," v1.03¶by Moritz Beutel¶¶\xDC 2005 by AUDACIA¶www.audacia-software.de")

include StdGUI
include StdLib

gui_head :! draws picon and pname[0] to screen
gui_xbtn 142,1


if gui_qxbtn!(142,1) then
end 0

gui_qhead :! if the program name was touched, a "About..." messagebox that contains further information (pname[1]) is shown

loop until std_repaint
goto 0

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