OWBasic Standard Library

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The OWBasic Standard Library (OSL) contains functions and procedures which fulfill the most frequent tasks that occurre in OWBasic programming.

How the OSL works:

Every program that uses a routine from OSL has to define a constant named <component token>_USED (f.e. TI_USED for the Timer component) that specifies the function groups to be used. Every component can have 16 function groups maximal where every function group is represented by one bit of the constant. So, if both the basical functions of the Timer component and the WAIT function are to be used, TI_USED must have the value 101 binary respective 5 decimal or 0x0005 hexadecimal:

In addition the component's library which consists of the prefix "Std" and the component's name (the library of the Timer component is named "StdTimer") must be included:

OWBasic Standard Library Components:

StdSTDbasical functions
GUIGUIGUI (Graphical User Interface) objects
TimerTIMultiple timers
IconILoading icon archives
MemoMdialogues for selecting a memo category or a memo
QMQMdialogue for selecting a Quick-Memo

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