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Loading an Icon Archive

I_LOADFILE!(POINTERS%[], BUFFER%[], cat%, name$)

The function loads the icon archive with the name name from category cat. The file mode is given by the global variable i_mode (3 (Memo) per default). The icons are stored to the array BUFFER. BUFFER[0] contains the amount of icons.
The parameter POINTERS requires a pointer to a pointer array where pointers to the icons are stored.

! icondemo3


DIM buf[2000] :! icon buffer
DIM &ptr[200] :! icon pointers

IF NOT I_LOADFILE!(*&&ptr,buf,4,"greek") THEN
 PRINT "File 'greek' not found"
 END 1

To get direct access to an icon, use the pointer array. The following information about the icons is available in addition:

I_XSIZEx size of icon
I_YSIZEy size of icon
I_TAGicon tag
I_SIZEsize of icon in integer units

The icon tag can be used for individual purposes, except for font archives used by FT_DRAW .

This example demonstrates how to use the icons:

PRINT "nr.: ";

PRINT "tag: ";
PRINT ~ptr[nr][#I_TAG]

PRINT "x size: ";
PRINT ~ptr[nr][#I_XSIZE]

PRINT "y size: ";
PRINT ~ptr[nr][#I_YSIZE]

DRAWICON ~ptr[nr], 80, 10

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