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Icon (Component)

Library: StdIcon
Necessary constants: I_USED

The Icon component contains a function that loads an icon archive using the Icon File Format (IFF) to an array. The icon's addresses are stored in a separate pointer array which makes possible direct access via DRAWICON (-> I_LOADFILE!).
Furthermore the function FT_DRAW is able to draw text in a user-defined font that is stored as IFF icon archive.

Function groups:

bit valuefunctions
0x0001Basical functions:
0x0002User-defined fonts:

global constants:

I_VERcurrent Icon File Format (IFF) version
I_TAGicon tag offset
I_SIZEicon size offset
I_XSIZEx size offset
I_YSIZEy size offset

global variables:

variabledefault value
i_mode%3 (Memo)Mode for IFF files
i_end$".iff"File extension for IFF files
ft_break!falsespecifies whether text shall be wrapped
ft_drawmode%0mode used for drawing characters (0 - overwrite, 1 - transparent)
ft_linediff%0line spacing when drawing a wrapped string
ft_maxr%159right border where text is wrapped
ft_offs%-1if >=0, all lines of a wrapped string except the first one are drawn from ft_offs as x coordinate
ft_newl%y coordinate of next line (set by FT_DRAW)
ft_newx%x coordinate of cursor (set by FT_DRAW)
ft_newy%y coordinate of cursor (set by FT_DRAW)

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