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OWBasic Standard Library

Since some tasks occur again and again in OWBasic programs, soon the idea came up to create a library containing general solutions for the most frequent tasks. My first attempt to create such a library was Licentia laborandi which was used by nearly all of my OWBasic programs. After Licentia laborandi grew fast because of new functions and much compatibility stuff, it became more an obstacle than an easement.

The OWBasic Standard Library is an attempt to create a similar library without reaching an uncomfortable size. While Licentia laborandi was used only by my programs, the OWBasic Standard Library should become a solution available to everyone.

The documentation is available here or in a ZIP archive below.

Please post suggestions, criticism and questions in the forum.

Changes in OSL 1.01 Beta 4:

Changes in OSL 1.02 Beta 5:

  • The GUI_DLG function provides a simple selection dialogue

Changes in OSL 1.20 Beta 1:

Changes in OSL 1.22 Final:

  • Several bugs fixed
  • The global variable std_tch points to the functions TOUCHED! (index 0), BTNTOUCH! (index 1) and TOUCH! (index 2) per default
  • The sample programs have been revised and explanded, especially guidemo which now demonstrates the basic and advanced usage of StdGUI, the AutoTouch mechanism and the creation of multi-language programs
  • In the XBTN control, it is possible to start the QuickMemo modus by touching the QuickMemo hardicon

OSLDemos, fontdemo - drawing a text in a user-defined font


OWBasic Standard Library v1.22 - The libraries in TWF file format

OSL Demos - Some examples demonstrating the usage of the OSL - HTML documentation - PocketReferencer documentation - documentation sources